TNF leads strategic investment in Metaphysiks, bringing it one step closer to embodying the Metaverse

Metaphysiks’ technology is a confluence of the neuroscience of body perception and self-consciousness, virtual reality, and soft haptics converged to enable users to “feel” digital experiences rather than only seeing or hearing them.

 TNF (The New Frontiers) believes that Metaphysiks’ MetaTouch opens the door to the holy grail of experiential technologies. 

MetaTouch is the culmination of over a decade of cutting-edge research in the laboratories of world-leading neuroscientist Olaf Blanke, professor at EPFL, who is also Metaphysiks’ co-founder and Chief Scientist, and with whom TNF’s founder Erkin Bek continues to collaborate extensively towards building and expanding immersive experiences. 

TNF led the funding round and was joined by numerous prominent and strategic investors including Logitech, Tej Tadi (founder of Mindmaze), All Here (a Swiss lifestyle company that collaborates closely with EPFL) and several other international investors.

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