TNF forms partnership with CSX Carbon in strategic push for real and measurable sustainability

The New Frontiers (TNF), the investment firm focusing on disruptive technology, is forming a strategic partnership with UK based start-up CSX Carbon as part of its commitment to real and measurable sustainability.

TNF has joined a number of other institutions, including US based Sage Hill Capital, as investors in CSX’s recent £2.5m Seed round. TNF is increasingly focused on the sustainable technology sector and determined to make its own strong commitments to more effective and properly measurable carbon reduction.   

CSX is aiming to transform the market in carbon trading and offsets with a tradeable carbon asset bank made up of localised Nature Based Solutions fully measured and audited by its proprietary technology platform. The company will introduce a new level of integrity to the carbon market, ensuring that corporates invest in projects that deliver a real, measurable return to the planet. CSX has partnered with leading universities to develop a unique auditing capability using the latest technologies including drones and LIDAR to monitor its projects.

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