The New Frontiers leads funding round for Equip, facilitating access to sports and leisure activities via the sharing economy

Equip, a Swiss startup founded in 2021, promises to profoundly change the face of sports participation.

Connected to autonomous stations, the Equip app allows users to borrow sports equipment, then play or participate in leisure activities without having to carry anything around, right where they need it – at venues across the globe.

Putting the emphasis on sharing rather than ownership allows Equip to be part of the global responsibility we have in the face of socioeconomic inequality and the protection of the environment. Equip stations are also autonomous thanks to their solar panels, and can be installed and checked remotely without limitations.

Today, this startup is in full expansion in the United States, Spain, Italy, France and their native Switzerland, where the business seeks to accelerate its deployment at a communal level.

Since mid-July 2022, Decathlon Switzerland has made a commitment alongside Equip to provide quality sports and leisure equipment directly at the places of practice.

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