Sysmosoft announces partnership with the SWITCH foundation

Sysmosoft, one of TNF’s portfolio investments, today announced it has entered into a partnership with the SWITCH foundation to implement electronic signature and seal use cases across the Swiss education ecosystem.

The move to electronic signatures comes as Swiss universities are striving to automate and fully digitize document-based processes for their employees, students and alumni. Sysmosoft’s proprietary technology will be operated by SWITCH and deployed on top of SWITCH edu-ID to their over 460,000 users to access national academic web offerings. 

“SWITCH is the ideal partner to implement our product for the education vertical” said Frédéric Mauger, Co-Founder and Partner at Sysmosoft. “Sysmosoft is today considered as the leader of the Swiss financial industry. This new partnership is setting up the basis to become a key player in the education sector that has very high requirements in terms of privacy and security.”

For more information, please visit the official news release.