RealTyme Merges with Adeya to Launch Innovative Secure Collaboration Platform with Human-Centric Design

Adeya, one of TNF’s portfolio investments, today announced its merger with RealTyme, an innovative collaboration platform focused on privacy and digital well-being. This merger will result in a new secure collaboration platform with human-centric design that provides personalized control and privacy for businesses and people.

Erkin Bek, RealTyme Chairman and TNF Founder, said of the merger, “Our vision is that all people and institutions should have the right to set up their own private networks that are flexible and highly personalizable in real-time. This merger brings to the market an exciting new product that enables secure collaboration with focus and organized work/life mindset, while preserving the highest level of privacy. We’re thrilled to offer this innovative solution that we envision will improve the lives – both personal and professional – of individuals struggling with digital overwhelm and lack of data privacy”.

For more information, please visit the official news release.