Selected Porfolio Investments include:

Dreams is a fintech wellbeing company that connects people to their ambitions and facilitates sustainable living through improved asset and debt management.

Dreams’ unique methodology, rooted in applied behavioral economics and cognitive science, demystifies and contextualizes financial wellbeing for consumers of all ages.

In their home markets of Scandinavia, Dreams’ B2C solution has already empowered hundreds of thousands of users to save, invest and pay off their consumer loans.

Building upon this success, ‘Dreams as a service’ is being deployed world-wide as a SaaS platform for banks -and neo banks- to better engage with the next generation of customers, notably millennials.

Initial Investment Date: 2020

Sector: Fintech, Financial wellness

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Stage: Series B

Status: Current

55 Foundry is pioneering “the Internet of Value” to disrupt traditional industries and help market leaders across all sectors build proprietary digital marketplaces.

55 Foundry is dedicated to harnessing future technologies on order to engineer change, across industries. By helping at-scale market leaders enter the era of the Internet of ValueTM (IoV), 55 Foundry facilitates the creation of new digital asset marketplaces which will take corporations into their next digitialisation journey.

Initial Investment Date: 2020

Sector: Fintech, Digital Marketplace, Incubators

Location: Manhattan Beach, CA

Stage: Series A

Status: Current

Real Estate Investments

TNF Invests in prime commercial Real Estate in both Europe and the Middle East.

London-based Clearmatics builds decentralised Financial Market Infrastructure (dFMI) networks.

London-based Clearmatics is building the decentralised Financial Market Infrastructure (dFMI) of the future. Clearmatics builds member-owned and governed distributed systems that automate contracts and the transfer of economic value. They call this technology “decentralized automation”​; it combines cryptography, consensus protocols and economic mechanism design.

Initial Investment Date: 2015

Sector: Blockchain, Market Structure

Location: London, UK

Stage: Seed and Series A

Status: Current

Sysmosoft provides solutions for the digitisation of banking processes.

Sysmosoft provides solutions for the digitisation of banking processes, specialising in the implementation of transaction-based business processes. This includes secure data transfers to mobile devices, enabling banks to achieve greater mobility and user-friendly offerings.

Initial Investment Date: 2012

Sector: Fintech, Trustech

Location: Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland

Stage: Series A

Status: Current

Adeya is a Swiss cybersecurity company that provides secure mobile collaboration solutions.

Adeya is a Swiss cybersecurity company providing enterprises and governments with a military-grade secure communications and collaboration platform. The company conducts all R&D and product development at its headquarters. Adeya users benefit from Swiss neutrality, the highest levels of privacy and zero third-party data sharing. Adeya is the most trusted and private alternative to public, consumer-grade applications that are insecure and unsuitable for the workplace.

Initial Investment Date: 2010

Sector: Secure Collaboration, Cybersecurity, Trustech

Location: Morges, Switzerland

Stage: Series A, majority stakeholer

Status: Current

Mina Group is an international commodity trading, logistics and infrastructure group based in Dubai, with operations in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

An international commodity trading, logistics and infrastructure group based in Dubai, with operations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. For almost two decades Mina Group has continuously served the US DoD as a key strategic provider in some of the world's most challenging locations. TNF is a 100% shareholder.

Initial Investment Date: late nineties

Sector: Energy Services, Commodity Trading, Logistics

Location: Dubai, UAE

Stage: Founded by Erkin Bek

Status: Current