Adeya Announces Strategic Partnership with Mobilelron

Adeya, one of TNF’s portfolio investments, announced that it has partnered with MobileIron (NASDAQ: MOBL) to deliver secure enterprise communication solutions.  

MobileIron, the company that introduced the industry’s first mobile-centric, zero trust enterprise security platform will work with Adeya, the secure collaboration leader, to empower today’s global workforce with private, end-to-end encrypted real-time voice and video calls, conference calls, SMS, instant messages, group chats and file exchanges on any device.

Adeya and MobileIron have joined forces, combining their products to offer organisations the ability to add secure collaboration interactions within teams on top of device security. This partnership responds to the growing market demand for compliant, encrypted and secure mobile solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

“Remote work has become ubiquitous in the Coronavirus era and the partnership that Adeya – a TNF portfolio company – has formed with MobileIron will allow organisations to quickly and easily respond to the growing cyber threats to their digital workplaces, during this extraordinary time,” said Samir Khosla, Managing Partner at TNF Capital. 

“We’re excited to partner with Adeya to help organisations secure their mobile collaboration with a military-grade solution designed for the enterprise,” said Ahmed Shah, Vice President of Business Development at MobileIron.

Leveraging the combined solution, customers can now rapidly manage and deploy Adeya’s end-to-end encrypted communication, collaboration and file-sharing solution through MobileIron’s unified endpoint management (UEM) platform.  

For more information, please visit the official news release.

Sysmosoft partners with Swisscom Trust Services

Sysmosoft, one of TNF’s portfolio investments, announced it has entered a strategic partnership with Swisscom Trust Services.

This partnership will enable banks to offer their customers a fully digital customer journey that is fast, legally compliant and user-friendly. 

The qualified electronic signature, which is provided by Swisscom Trust Services as Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP), has been approved in accordance with both the EU standard (eIDAS) and the Swiss standard (ZertES) and is therefore equivalent to a handwritten signature in both jurisdictions.

“The cooperation brings together the usability that consumer transaction customers know about with the legal validity and security required for banking processes,” said Frederic Mauger, partner and co-founder of Sysmosoft. “Swisscom Trust Services was exactly the right partner for us because it is the only QTSP to provide an electronic signature in accordance with EU and Swiss standards. In addition, the expertise to transfer the legal requirements into the technology was essential to provide this combination of usability and compliance”.

“This partnership is a new milestone in the digitalisation of banking,” says Marco Schmid, Head of International Expansion Strategy at Swisscom Trust Services. “The signature for contracts is no longer a bottleneck in transaction processes, but can now simply be done digitally. For us, this cooperation is unique because Sysmosoft not only enables electronic signatures of PDF documents, but also offers all forms of digital declarations of intent. Banks thus have at their disposal an unprecedented combination of legal certainty, user-friendliness and efficiency, a groundbreaking innovation for the future”.

For more information, please visit the official news release.

Adeya publishes White Paper Cloud Act and Data Security

Adeya, one of TNF’s portfolio investments, today published a white paper entitled “The CLOUD: Backdoor to National Secrets and Other Sensitive Data.”

The White Paper discusses the growth of consumer messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, and how these apps use terms like “end-to-end encryption” and “secret key,” to lend themselves an air of authenticity and security. As the White Paper makes clear, these free messaging apps are anything but secure and use confusing and often easily circumvented end-to-end encryption offerings.  

Moreover, US-based apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are subject to US laws, including the SCA and the recent CLOUD Act. This is important as the US lacks a comprehensive data privacy regime and it is uncertain what protections, if any, apply to non-US residents. 

The paper goes on to explain Adeya’s differentiated model and uniquely secure messaging platform.  For more information, please read the paper here.

Clearmatics highlighted in Blockchain Technology Market Report

Clearmatics, a TNF portfolio company, was highlighted today in a comprehensive report on Blockchain Technology in the Financial Services Market. The report, published by Research N Reports, sought to understand the complete setup of Blockchain Technology in Financial Services Market industries.

Other companies highlighted included IBM, Microsoft, Digital Asset Holdings, Everledger and Bitbond.

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