TNF forms partnership with CSX Carbon in strategic push for real and measurable sustainability

The New Frontiers (TNF), the investment firm focusing on disruptive technology, is forming a strategic partnership with UK based start-up CSX Carbon as part of its commitment to real and measurable sustainability.

TNF has joined a number of other institutions, including US based Sage Hill Capital, as investors in CSX’s recent £2.5m Seed round. TNF is increasingly focused on the sustainable technology sector and determined to make its own strong commitments to more effective and properly measurable carbon reduction.   

CSX is aiming to transform the market in carbon trading and offsets with a tradeable carbon asset bank made up of localised Nature Based Solutions fully measured and audited by its proprietary technology platform. The company will introduce a new level of integrity to the carbon market, ensuring that corporates invest in projects that deliver a real, measurable return to the planet. CSX has partnered with leading universities to develop a unique auditing capability using the latest technologies including drones and LIDAR to monitor its projects.

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The New Frontiers leads funding round for Equip, facilitating access to sports and leisure activities via the sharing economy

Equip, a Swiss startup founded in 2021, promises to profoundly change the face of sports participation.

Connected to autonomous stations, the Equip app allows users to borrow sports equipment, then play or participate in leisure activities without having to carry anything around, right where they need it – at venues across the globe.

Putting the emphasis on sharing rather than ownership allows Equip to be part of the global responsibility we have in the face of socioeconomic inequality and the protection of the environment. Equip stations are also autonomous thanks to their solar panels, and can be installed and checked remotely without limitations.

Today, this startup is in full expansion in the United States, Spain, Italy, France and their native Switzerland, where the business seeks to accelerate its deployment at a communal level.

Since mid-July 2022, Decathlon Switzerland has made a commitment alongside Equip to provide quality sports and leisure equipment directly at the places of practice.

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TNF leads strategic investment in Metaphysiks, bringing it one step closer to embodying the Metaverse

Metaphysiks’ technology is a confluence of the neuroscience of body perception and self-consciousness, virtual reality, and soft haptics converged to enable users to “feel” digital experiences rather than only seeing or hearing them.

 TNF (The New Frontiers) believes that Metaphysiks’ MetaTouch opens the door to the holy grail of experiential technologies. 

MetaTouch is the culmination of over a decade of cutting-edge research in the laboratories of world-leading neuroscientist Olaf Blanke, professor at EPFL, who is also Metaphysiks’ co-founder and Chief Scientist, and with whom TNF’s founder Erkin Bek continues to collaborate extensively towards building and expanding immersive experiences. 

TNF led the funding round and was joined by numerous prominent and strategic investors including Logitech, Tej Tadi (founder of Mindmaze), All Here (a Swiss lifestyle company that collaborates closely with EPFL) and several other international investors.

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EXCEL ESPORTS announced today that it has secured €20m in new equity capital.

EXCEL ESPORTS, a British e-sports franchise competing in League of Legends, Fortnite and VALORANT, today announced that it has secured €20m in new equity capital.

This financing round was led by investment firm JRJ Group. TNF participated in the round alongside investors such as TOMS CAPITAL LLC (Noam Gottesman), IPGL Ltd (Michael Spencer) and Alan Howard. In addition to the investment, TNF Partner Francisco Arcilla has joined Excel’s Board of Directors. 

EXCEL has rapidly grown into a top name in competitive gaming, most notably as a founding partner of the League of Legends European Championship and more recently as the subject of a BBC Documentary. EXCEL’s unique position in British and European esports forms the foundation of a strategy that has enabled management to build a franchise capable of attracting partners such as BT, HyperX, Sony, Chupa Chups and Beyond NRG, under the leadership of CEO wouter sleijffers.

Francisco Arcilla, Managing Partner at TNF said, “This is TNF ‘s first investment in e-sports and we could not be more excited.  EXCEL ESPORTS is  the most vibrant gaming brand in the UK and a rising force on the European and global scenes. This investment is the perfect addition to our unique ecosystem and we look forward to supporting the team for years to come.”

TNF Partner Francisco Arcilla elected to Dreams’ Board of Directors

Dreams, one of TNF’s portfolio investments, held its Annual General Meeting on 21 June 2021. At the meeting, TNF Partner Francisco Arcilla, was elected to the Board of Directors.

Following TNF’s participation in Dreams February 2021 funding round, TNF Partners Francisco Arcilla and Samir Khosla have played an active role in the continued growth of the company by sharing access to their ecosystem of like-minded investors. 

In his new role, Francisco will deepen his involvement by working with Henrik Rosvall, Dreams CEO and Founder, the executive team and the rest of the board to help further grow the business, while building a smarter world.

TNF co-leads MSMEx funding round

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise EdTech company (MSMEx) today announced it has raised $1 million in a Pre-Series A funding round co-led by TNF and Razorpay. The company had previously raised angel funding from several well-known angel investors.

MSMEx is an EdTech platform that connects micro and small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs with curated Business Experts over live chat, video interactions and hand-holding support. Users can attend hundreds of live video sessions and can also talk to experts 1-to-1 over the video calls to get mentorship and advice from highly experienced and curated business experts.

Samir Khosla, Managing Partner at TNF said, “Micro and small enterprises in India and other developing economies are demonstrating growth, in their numbers and ambitions. This investment is the first step of a larger vision and partnership, which will become a catalyst for best breed MSME entrepreneurs, supporting them by applying our intellectual, network, and financial resources.” 

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RealTyme Merges with Adeya to Launch Innovative Secure Collaboration Platform with Human-Centric Design

Adeya, one of TNF’s portfolio investments, today announced its merger with RealTyme, an innovative collaboration platform focused on privacy and digital well-being. This merger will result in a new secure collaboration platform with human-centric design that provides personalized control and privacy for businesses and people.

Erkin Bek, RealTyme Chairman and TNF Founder, said of the merger, “Our vision is that all people and institutions should have the right to set up their own private networks that are flexible and highly personalizable in real-time. This merger brings to the market an exciting new product that enables secure collaboration with focus and organized work/life mindset, while preserving the highest level of privacy. We’re thrilled to offer this innovative solution that we envision will improve the lives – both personal and professional – of individuals struggling with digital overwhelm and lack of data privacy”.

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Sysmosoft announces partnership with the SWITCH foundation

Sysmosoft, one of TNF’s portfolio investments, today announced it has entered into a partnership with the SWITCH foundation to implement electronic signature and seal use cases across the Swiss education ecosystem.

The move to electronic signatures comes as Swiss universities are striving to automate and fully digitize document-based processes for their employees, students and alumni. Sysmosoft’s proprietary technology will be operated by SWITCH and deployed on top of SWITCH edu-ID to their over 460,000 users to access national academic web offerings. 

“SWITCH is the ideal partner to implement our product for the education vertical” said Frédéric Mauger, Co-Founder and Partner at Sysmosoft. “Sysmosoft is today considered as the leader of the Swiss financial industry. This new partnership is setting up the basis to become a key player in the education sector that has very high requirements in terms of privacy and security.”

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TNF participates in Dreams funding round

Dreams today announced another important milestone in its journey, closing a small funding round in February 2021. Existing investors Ålandsbanken, Storebrand and AXA IM reaffirmed their confidence in the company, while TNF stepped in to cover 33% of the round, based on their belief in the company's unique vision for the future of banking.

Dreams was founded in Stockholm in 2014 and currently has operations in Germany, Norway and Sweden.  The company, which focuses on the millennial savings market, uses groundbreaking behavioral science and engaging activities to push users to make little changes in their behavior, in order to make lasting changes to their finances. 

In addition to joining the round, TNF Partners Francisco Arcilla and Samir Khosla will play an active role in the company by sharing access to their ecosystem of like minded investors. 

“Beyond their important investment, TNF’s most valuable contribution is their dedication to our company’s future growth,” said Henrik Rosvall, Dreams CEO and Founder. “By generously sharing time, experience and access to a vast network of change makers building a smarter world, we’re truly grateful to have TNF with us as we continue our mission to promote #FinancialWellbeing and help people everywhere feel better about their money.”

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Sysmosoft partners with Entrust to provide high-assurance digital signature workflow

Sysmosoft, one of TNF’s portfolio investments, today announced it has entered into a partnership with Entrust to provide a comprehensive solution for digital signature management. Under the agreement, Sysmosoft’s document signing workflow is now available as an add-on to Entrust digital signing solutions.

As demand for digital signing solutions accelerates and compliance with regulations like eIDAS in the European Union get more complicated, the need for secure and reliable digital solutions is paramount. By adding Sysmosoft’s digital signature management capabilities, Entrust can provide its customers with a solution that combines Entrust’s digital signing solutions with Sysmosoft’s proven document management workflow.

Frédéric Mauger, Co-Founder of Sysmosoft said: “New standards on electronic transactions are paving the way for a digital economy in the EU and abroad. Our product, Let’s Sign, enables the digitization of processes that are known to be stringent and require strict compliance with regional laws and international conventions. The partnership with Entrust will provide a complete set of trusted services to highly regulated industries.”

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