We back new technologies, exciting innovations, visionary entrepreneurs and operators, management teams who are driven to succeed.

Why we invest

Our pioneering spirit underpins a simple 
founding vision. From seed capital to late-stage 
growth, we back new technologies, exciting 
innovations, visionary entrepreneurs and 
management teams who are driven to succeed.

Having been there ourselves as entrepreneurs, 
operators and executives, we understand the 
pressures of growing companies. This is why we 
are long-term investors, deploy proprietary 
capital and are not governed by rigid timelines or 

This passion drives us to work with investees as 
true partners: sharing our connections, rolling up our sleeves or simply acting as an 
experienced sounding board; we do whatever it 
takes to help our investees succeed.

How we invest

While we are sector agnostic, we are particularly 
interested in companies looking to use 
technology to disrupt traditional markets.

We are also able to invest at almost any stage:
from seed funding to late-stage venture, growth 
capital and private equity buy-outs. And we are 
equally comfortable investing alone or as a co-investor.

What we are looking for

We want to be a catalyst for growth. As such, we are looking for people who are as passionate as we are, and who can demonstrate a compelling vision and a strategy that makes the most of the capital and connections we provide.

We also recognize that long-term investment is a partnership that must work for everyone involved. We back entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, and we are especially keen to support founders and management teams from traditionally under represented sectors and communities. But, above all else, we want to back businesses and people who share our ambitions and values, and our commitment toward building a smarter world.